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About Safety Helmets

Safety helmets are one of the most fundamental pieces of protective workwear. Used across a plethora of industries, hard hats are crucial for protecting countless workforces from a variety of workplace hazards. The Cobra Workwear hard hat range is one of the most comprehensive safety helmet collections available. We have stocked this range with all the head protection you could need.

Every hardhat in this collection is made to a high quality and designed to keep you safe. In this range, you will find the biggest names in PPE workwear such as EVO and Portwest. our selection is comprised solely of industry-trusted brands such as these you can depend on the highest quality protection from every hard hat we offer.

No matter the job, we have the necessary safety helmets for your team. Explore the range for yourself and discover why so many businesses trust us to meet their hardhat needs.

Mk7 Wheel Ratchet Vented (Pack of 10)




EVO8 Wheel Vented (Pack of 8)




EVOLite Skyworker Wheel Vented




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