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About MASCOT Workwear

The History of Mascot Workwear

Mascot was born a Danish company in 1982. However, as demand for functional workwear grew, Mascot has become a truly multinational work brand. Mascot Workwear still prides itself on the Scandinavian straight-talking morals and mentality. Today Mascot staff, from Denmark, Germany and 12 other countries, strive to design and bring you the best safety workwear.

Premium quality work poloshirts such as the Mascot Borneo polo shirt shows the attention to quality of garments.

When John Kjaergaard Grosbol originally set up Mascot, it was to design and make winter clothes. Indeed, the Mascot, ahem, mascot, is the bear - suggesting furry warmth. While Mascot became a workwear company, the emphasis on cosy, quilt-lined rainwear, fleeces and jackets remains. Today as many people come back to Mascot for winter workwear as for their ubiquitous beaver nylon work trousers, such as the Mascot Pasadena worktrousers with knee pad pockets.

Mascot wants their customers to come away with the goods they can trust, as Mascot Workwear has been “Tested To Work”.

At Cobra Workwear, our Mascot Workwear range is ideal for any trade in the industry from plumbing, Forestry, Rail, Engineering, Builders, Electricians and many more. When it comes to Mascot workwear you are purchasing a premium quality product which whill outlast its competition. Mascot Workwear set the standards in the workwear market. Cobra workwear wouldnt reccomend just one product from Mascot workwear but the whole range from the polo shirts, Overalls, Bib & Braces, Trousers and all the hi visibility range. When you purchase Mascot you are purchasing for a long shelf life. 

Mascot have a massive range of products including, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Coveralls, Overalls, Bib & Braces, Trousers, Winter jackets and many more, all available in High Visibility, Flame Retardant, Multi Norm. The Mascot products look extra special with a embroidered or printed logo, this makes your company stand out from the rest. Be sure to check out the New accelerate range, this is a brand new range and your company will sure stand out kitted out with these products.

Here at Cobra we have one of the biggest collection of Mascot workwear range available to order online

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