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Our range of work fleeces is comprehensive and has been curated to ensure we have something to meet all needs. Made up of leading brands such as Regatta, every fleece in this range is made to the highest standards and offer the best fit. Ideal for keeping you warm on the job these fleeces are stylish and practical. Among the range, you can find fleeces which offer other utilities such as high visibility. Our personalized fleeces also allow you to transform these work fleeces from a piece of practical warm clothing to a true work uniform. Explore the range and see the options for yourself. 

Orn Falcon Premium Fleece

SKU: 3100



Orn Albatross Classic Fleece

SKU: 3200



Orn Ladies Albatross Fleece

SKU: 3260



Blaklader 4730 Fleece jacket

SKU: 4730



Russell Outdoor Fleece Jacket

SKU: 870M



Portwest Aran Fleece

SKU: PW/F205



Portwest Argyll Heavy Fleece

SKU: PW/F400



Portwest City Fleece

SKU: PW/F401



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