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About Disposable Workwear

Disposable Coveralls

Disposable coveralls are an essential part of maintaining hygienic standards and protecting employees in many industries. Part of investing in your team is investing in top quality workwear and sometimes you need a solution to protect that clothing and your employees. Disposable coveralls are, in many cases, that solution. 

Worn over your regular workwear, disposable workwear offers an extra layer of protection. Disposable workwear protects people from aerosols and the many particulates in the air. If you need such protection for your workforce, we have everything you need. Offered at great prices and available across Europe, our disposable workwear range includes what you need to stay safe.

We have a complete range of disposable workwear available, providing great options for every situation. If you are already a Cobra Workwear customer, you will understand what good workwear is and you also know how important it is to protect it. These disposable coveralls will protect your employees and their workwear whatever the situation.