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About Disposable Masks

We provide a wide selection of disposable masks. These hygiene masks are ideal for reducing the spread of germs and creating a safer work environment. Help your workforce feel safer in the workplace by providing disposable masks. The public is currently being encouraged to wear facemasks, particularly in spaces where social distancing is not always possible.

If your work environment inhibits your ability to social distance, this range has all the hygiene masks you need. Furthermore, with ongoing rules and recommendations regarding wearing masks on public transport and in shops across the UK, this range is essential whether you’re in the office or not.

Disposable masks are crucial to not only feeling safe in the workplace but actually staying safe. Play your role in preventing the spread of illness with hygiene masks. We are dedicated to helping you stay safe and protecting your workforce. Explore the range of disposable masks and find exactly what you need.


    Portwest P2 Respirator (20)

    SKU: PW/P200

    £49.99 £45.00



    Portwest Eagle FFP3 Respirator (10)

    SKU: PW/P391

    £69.99 £54.99


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