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About Cut Gloves

There are many hazards within the workplace that can potentially cause cuts, lacerations, and abrasions. Our range of cut proof gloves are designed to withstand numerous sharp objects that have the potential to cause serious injury to your staff.

Some of our cut proof gloves such as our Portwest Razor-Lite Glove not only provide strong protection against cuts, but also boast excellent heat protection, meaning your staff can work with both heat and sharp objects without worrying about injury to their hands.

Since Cobra Workwear are industry experts in protective workwear, you can rely on us for high-quality products and customer service. We are committed to helping your workforce stay safe, discover the range of cut gloves and see why we’re trusted by so many companies for workplace PPE.

Portwest LR Latex Grip Glove

SKU: PW/A610



Portwest LR Cut PU Palm Glove

SKU: PW/A620



Portwest Cut Nitrile Foam Glove

SKU: PW/A621



Portwest MR Cut PU Palm Glove

SKU: PW/A622



Portwest Razor-Lite Glove

SKU: PW/A630



Portwest Eco-Cut Glove

SKU: PW/A635



PortwestCut - Nitrile Foam

SKU: PW/A643



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