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Chef Uniforms and Clothing

No matter your job, it is important to dress the part. With this range of chef uniforms, you can be sure you’ll look the part in the kitchen. Our chef clothing range is filled with everything you need to dress for the job. These items are functional, practical, and stylish allowing you to perform your job to the best of your abilities. Whether you are buying for yourself or an entire catering workforce we can meet your chef clothing needs. Browse the range and find the chef clothing that meets your needs in terms of both style and practicality. With this range of chefs uniforms, you can better maintain a hygienic kitchen managed by a professionally dressed team. 

Premier Pull On Chefs Trouser

SKU: PR552



Premier Essential Chefs Trousers

SKU: PR553



Premier Turn Up Chefs Hat

SKU: PR648



Premier Chefs Jacket Studs

SKU: PR652



Premier Chefs Skull Cap

SKU: PR653



Premier Short Sleeve Chefs Jacket

SKU: PR656



Premier Long Sleeve Chefs Jacket

SKU: PR657



Premier Chefs Zandana

SKU: PR658



Premier Denim Chefs Jacket

SKU: PR660



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