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About Bump Caps

Protect your workforce from bumps and lacerations to the head with bump caps from this extensive range. In this collection of bump hats, we have everything you need to offer that little bit of extra head protection. Where a hard hat is not necessary but you still need to protect against minor head bumps these bump caps will be perfect. Lightweight and stylish, these bump camps and an effective and practical solution to light head protection.

Our bump hat collection has everything you need to equip your entire workforce. They are adjustable meaning we have something to fit everyone. Plus with this range of bump hats, you don’t just receive amazing head protection. You also get the same high-quality customer service the Cobra Workforce have become renowned for in addition to Europe-wide and free shipping options.

    Portwest AirTech Bump Cap

    SKU: PW/PS59



    Portwest Portwest Bump Cap

    SKU: PW/PW59



    Portwest Climate Cool Bump Cap

    SKU: PW/PW69



    Portwest Hi Vis Bump Cap

    SKU: PW/PW79



    Portwest Short Peak Bump Cap

    SKU: PW/PW89



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