We have many years’ experience in the screen printing industry here at Cobra, and we are always keen to share our expertise to help you get the best possible finish for your garments. Here are some do’s and don’ts to consider:

Screen printed T-shirt for Lindt


1. Don’t try to print over seams or pockets

Uneven surfaces will lead to uneven prints, we do not recommend printing over zips, seams or pockets unless absolutely necessary. If you do decide you wish to print over a seam, bear in mind that the quality of the finished product may suffer as a result.

2. Do be aware of the size of your print

Make sure that the image you want to be printed is suitable for the type of garment to be screen printed. For example, when using jumbo sized prints, there may be issues if you are wanting to print on a vest top, V-neck or girls/children sized clothing, resulting in part of the image being cut off in certain areas. It is therefore important to take this into consideration when deciding on the size of your artwork as well as the garment you wish to print on.

Where you wish to print a jumbo print on both regular unisex or men’s t-shirts as well as on children’s and ladies’ t-shirts, it may be a good idea to either scale the image accordingly, or even separate the order into different runs and have two alternative setups.

3. Don’t print on ribbed fabric

Ribbed fabric is designed to stretch to fit the wearer, making it a great versatile fabric, however it does present problems when it is printed on. When ribbed fabric is printed, it is done so in its unstretched form, therefore the print only sits on the ribbed part. This means that when the garment is worn, the ribs pull apart exposing unprinted gaps that can look unsightly and in fact ruin the appearance of the print entirely.

4. Do understand which garments can handle detail

Detailed prints can look stunning and take your garments to the next level, however certain fabrics and garments work best with alternative embellishment methods such as embroidery. Examples of this include the aforementioned ribbed fabrics, canvas, towels, beanies, burnout t-shirts and pique polo shirts, all of which present a slightly rough surface which does not take print well.

5. Do be aware of colour choice

When deciding what colour t-shirt to use, be aware that not all prints will appear the same when printed on different colours. This is because in certain cases inks such as yellow and white can appear slightly off colour due to the colour of the shirt. If in doubt, contact one of our team for more advice.  

6. Do be aware of issues when printing on hoodies

Hoodies are both a popular but tricky garment on which to print, due to the thickness of the material as well as there being multiple seams from pockets and zips. But when done right, and bearing in mind the potential obstacles, a screen printed hoodie can look amazing!

Take all of these things into consideration, and you will soon be on your way to a fantastic finished product. Screen printing is an affordable way to promote your business, and if done right, can leave a lasting impact. Take a look at our range of T-shirts which can be screen printed to your specifications and order online today!