Summer is almost upon us, and working in the heat and humidity is no joke, especially if your job is outdoors. The heat can make us feel tired, uncomfortable and even feeling unwell. But don’t sweat! Take a look at our tips and tricks to help you stay cool at work.

hot weather

Dress for the weather

This may seem obvious, however making sure your clothing is lightweight and breathable can make a hot day so much more bearable.

Clothing made out of fabrics such as cotton or linen are well known for being better to wear in summer as they are made from natural fibres rather than being man made. If you are an employer, this is also important to consider when choosing the fabric for your employees work uniforms, layers can be added in winter, however ensuring they can work comfortably in hot weather is equally important.

The colour of the clothing you wear is also important, darker colours will make you feel hotter as they absorb the heat more than lighter colours.

Drink lots! But avoid caffeine

Again, an obvious tip perhaps, but keeping hydrated replaces the water you lose when you sweat, and prevents hot weather related illnesses such as heat stroke.

Caffeinated drinks such as coffee and energy drinks should be avoided; caffeine has a diuretic effect, increasing the amount of water you lose, contributing to dehydration.

Avoid the sun (where possible)

NHS advice states that during hot periods of weather being outside in the sun should be avoided between the hours of 11am and 3pm to reduce the risk of sunburn and potentially subsequent skin cancer. It may be a good idea to undertake the most strenuous tasks outside of these hours, or work in a shaded area rather than directly in the sun.

Where this isn’t possible, you can reduce the risk of sun damage by wearing suitable clothing that both covers the skin and keeps you cool as well as wearing high SPF sun cream, especially in vulnerable areas such as the back of the neck, shoulders and face.

Protect your eyes

Lots of people underestimate the damage the sun can have to your eyes, even if you are not looking directly at the sun, the glare from other surfaces can be hazardous and may even cause permanent damage to your eyesight. Where practical, always try to wear UV rated sunglasses or goggles when working outside in the sun.

Take regular breaks and avoid over exertion

It is vital that you take breaks from being in the sun at regular intervals during the day to reduce fatigue from being too hot for too long. Move to a shaded area, or go indoors to get out of the sun.

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